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We all share the same ultimate goal

We love this video. It was produced to highlight the “city-country divide.” I’d like to think we are far from divided in our ultimate goal – safely feeding & clothing our family & the rest of the world. Published on YouTube on Aug 11, 2013 Caption: Challenged by modern society about exactly what his role Read More

Long Vue Farms, Allensville, Ky, Leased Grain Farm

National Farm Safety and Health Week

The third week of September has been known as National Farm Safety and Health week since 1944, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt. This week is devoted to educating agricultural producers nationwide on safe farming and ranching best practices, with the theme for 2013 being “Working Together for Safety in Agriculture”. We should take this opportunity Read More

The power of moms

The other day I stumbled upon a blog named The Power of Moms and an article titled “You’re Children Want YOU” got me thinking about myself & my son… Thanks to the demands of my career, I often struggle with mama guilt.  I’m not known as mother of the year when it comes to volunteering at school or Read More