Our Story

Farming has been our family’s way of life for decades. In 1976 Thompson Farms was founded when Larry & Linda Thompson and his parents, James & Frances Thompson purchased the home farm in Allensville, KY.  Over the next 35 years a family, a way of life, and a business was created around a love of farming.

With three daughters and no sons, it was obvious the Thompson name would not be passed on.  But the love of farming and an appreciation for what those before them had accomplished would be.  Those thoughts, along with a breathtaking “vue” from our front porch are why we now call it Long Vue Farms.

Long Vue Farms is now owned and operated by Larry Thompson and daughter, Mandy Bryant, along with partner, Jason Head.

Although some faces have changed through the years, our values and goals have not.  Our land and our people are our greatest assets.