Long Vue Farms Grain Farm


“If you like what we do, tell others.  If you don’t, tell us.”  We aim for every landowner to be proud of their farm and the job we do for them.  A large part of our reputation comes from what people have to say about us.  Here are a few of those comments…

           -Thanks Mandy and Larry for taking all of my visiting family and fellow landowners on a tour around our farm.  We are all so impressed with how well cared for and pretty it looks.  You have done a great job on conservation , weed control and just everything.  You are a joy to work with.

Marguerite Oakes, Land Owner

– As a provider of crop inputs for over 28 years, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with this multi-generational farming entity. Farm management skills can be transferred successfully from generation to generation with patience and education regardless of age or gender which I’ve witnessed beginning with Larry and his father James and now with his daughter Mandy.

Bill Ed West, CCA

– The Thompson Family represents the highest standards in their approach to their community and business partners. Their respect for the land is a testament to the philosophy that it belongs to future generations. It has been my privilege to work with Long Vue Farms these past 30 years.

George Pettit